Hospice Care

hospice care

Providence TrinityCare Hospice provides end-of-life care for individuals with a life threatening illness. Whether the person is a woman with AIDS, a child with cancer, or an elderly man in the end stages of heart disease, we are here to ensure that each of their remaining days are met with comfort and support. Our hospice team is trained and ready to provide whatever is needed, whenever it is needed.

Providence TrinityCare Hospice patients are given an opportunity to explore what we call self-determined life closure. This process empowers patients, allowing them to determine how they want to spend the end of their life. The Providence TrinityCare Hospice team helps patients and their families set goals to accomplish this, in addition to providing an opportunity for closure. While our first priority is the comfort of our patients, we also work tirelessly to support the needs of the family, allowing them to spend as much quality time as possible with the patient.

The Providence TrinityCare Hospice team works collectively to assess the needs of both the patient and the family in order to provide the best possible range of care. Individualized for each patient, care includes everything, from providing expert medical attention to the patient, to educating family members on how to administer care and monitor comfort, to helping perform household chores, to offering counseling and bereavement services.

Hospice care does not end with the life of the patient. Dealing with and processing grief can take weeks, months and years to work through. Both before and after the patient dies, Providence TrinityCare Hospice provides relief and support for family members and friends.