Caring for Caregivers

June 01, 2013

Hospice offers care and support for the terminally ill. But it doesn’t stop there – Providence TrinityCare Hospice cares for caregivers, too.

“It’s freeing for families to get a break and do something fun,” says Providence TrinityCare Hospice executive director Terri Warren, MSW.

That’s why volunteers are available to sit with your loved one while you rest or take kids to the park. And Providence TrinityCare Hospice’s legacy art program creates lasting memories through guided family activities, including the creation of family trees with each family member’s handprints.

Warren says that the No.1 comment she hears from families is: “I wish we had hospice with us sooner.”

“Hospice helps patients navigate the last chapter of their lives. Equally important is helping a family go forward without their loved one.” Warren says. After the death of a patient, hospice offers caregiver bereavement, counseling and support.