Your Gifts at Work

Your generosity enables our doctors, nurses and clinicians to provide the highest quality care to thousands of patients in their hour of need. Our mission to provide compassionate service to all who need it is possible because of the support we receive from friends like you.

A few of the important needs at Providence TrinityCare Hospice we are so grateful to be able to meet with your gifts include:

  • Our Necessities of Life Program, providing gift certificates for families to purchase food and household goods, go-phones, and to help with rent, board and in-home care
  • Bereavement services for families and the community
  • Board and care for a patient that was homeless, as well as a go-phone so he could reach us and we could reach him
  • Assistance with utility bills as well as gift cards for a family where the young child was oxygen dependent and the father had lost his job
  • Funding for nearly 200 children on service with TrinityKids Care
  • Patient care assistance, offering charity care and support to those without insurance