During the past several months, I have been introduced to Trinity Care Hospice, and had your care provided for my wife Susan.

Initially you were highly recommended by our primary care physician, Dr. Lee Reitler. Your response was immediate, completely professional, and your staff performed in an excellent and caring manner.

I need not reiterate how your people go about their business, but I am writing to express not only my gratitude during such a trying time, but to thank you for the dedicated and personal attention that my wife, as well as the entire family, received from Trinity.

Our first personal contact was with nurse Joyce Booker, who came to the house for the initial evaluation. Although this visit took place over a holiday weekend, within hours special equipment arrived and pharmaceuticals were delivered. The following days we received calls from your Chief Medical Officer, Chaplain, and Social worker. We were visited by Coleen Dumenjich, who offered counseling to Susan and the family as well. Dr. Glen Komatsu made a special visit, and was most helpful in discussing options and alternatives with us. He was informative, direct, and very personal and caring.

I cannot express how impressed we all are with every aspect of the service and dedication provided by Trinity Care Hospice. Your staff are special dedicated professionals who hold Trinity to a high standard of delivery of service. You provided a special experience for those of us with great needs during this important and sorrowful time in our lives.

Thank you again, and please express our gratitude to those fine individuals that made Susan's and all our lives more comfortable and meaningful these past months.


"All the hospice people became instant family members. Very caring, compassionate, extremely wonderful people. My mother's demise was very beautiful in our hearts and eyes. Thank you so much. God bless hospice."


"I am a first grade teacher who was looking for an opportunity to give back to the people who made my mother's last days as comfortable and peaceful as possible. I am now working with an eight-year-old boy who has two siblings who are terminally ill. He wants the attention from his parents to be as positive as possible, and when they tried to help him with his schoolwork, it became a struggle. He and I are a great match because I can use my skills as a teacher to help him as a reader and writer, and his family has shown me how to love in the darkest night of despair."

-D. Seller, Providence TrinityKids Care volunteer

To each one of you, Thank you for all your support...emotional, financial and moral. Our wishes are that God multiply everything and fill the necessities of your life.

In Appreciation,
- Christian, Miriam, and Hana