Providence Little Company of Mary Torrance is committed to caring for women throughout their lives, providing a full spectrum of care for their gynecologic health and well being. From reproductive health, irregular menstruation, fibroid tumors, incontinence, menopause and other aging issues, Providence Little Company of Mary provides expert diagnosis and individualized care using the latest treatments available.

Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance provides comprehensive gynecological services, including Gynecological Surgery when needed. The primary objectives in gynecological surgery are to identify and correct, when possible, malfunctions of the organs in a woman's reproductive organs, genitourinary and rectal tracts as well as maintain the overall health of the gynecological system. Gynecological surgery procedures routinely performed include:

  • Diagnostic Dilation & Curettage (D&C)
  • Hysterectomy - Abdominal And Vaginal 
  • Pelviscopy (Pelvic Laparoscopy) 
  • Hysteroscopy

Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Treatment options in gynecologic cancer care include the use of the da Vinci® S Robotic System. This amazing technology enables our specialized surgeons' wrist, hand and finger movements to be translated into precise movements of the micro-instruments controlled by the robotic arms.

Patients undergoing robotic-assisted surgery receive all the potential benefits of a minimally invasive procedure, including less pain, less blood loss and less need for blood transfusions. Moreover, the da Vinci® System can mean a shorter hospital stay, a quicker recovery and faster return to normal daily activities.

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