Pediatric Patient and Family Support

For your convenience, there is a Television and VCR in each room. Some channels of interest are:

  • Baby Care - Channel 6
  • Chapel - Channel 8 (soft music during the day), and
  • Disney - Channel 26

(Your patient guide will have a complete channel guide).

There are videos available in the closet across from the nurse's desk for your child and family to enjoy during hospitalization. We also have a playroom for pediatric patients, visitors and parents (an adult must always supervise children in the playroom).

If your child requires any type of isolation precaution, a nurse will inform the parents. We have crayons and coloring sheets, storybooks and toys available that may be taken to a child's room.

If desired, a visit with your child from one of our specially-trained therapy dog volunteers may be arranged. These gentle, loving dogs have been known to brighten the day of many of our patients, and are specially loved by the children in the hospital.

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