Single Family Rooms

In 2009, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance opened the first NICU with single family rooms in Los Angeles. Our new rooms aid in infant development, reduce complications, and allow families to experience a sense of privacy and promote closer bonding with their infants. Parents are able to expose their babies to some of the daily culture and traditions they would experience at home and enjoy a greater feeling of family life. Our 20-room unit is capable of accommodating multiples such as twins and triplets, and also includes a specialized procedure room.

Benefits of Single Family Rooms

In addition to enhancing the culture of family-centered care offered at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance, the design of our single family rooms embodies the research showing that neonatal care units are more effective when they mirror the conditions of the womb.

In our NICU, both the ambiance and private spaces provide numerous benefits to both the baby and family including:

  • Customized sound, temperature and light based on each infant's needs
  • Privacy of the family to spend time with their newborns, each other, and to confer with doctors and other medical care providers
  • The space and flexibility to deliver the specialized care a baby may need in one location rather than having to move the baby within the unit
  • The ability to provide the best isolation and a decreased risk of infection for babies with a compromised immune system
  • The private space to foster active participation of parents in the medical care of their baby
  • Shorter hospital stays and reduced readmission rates (based on studies) by fostering the close participation of parents

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