From initial diagnosis through the rehabilitation process and returning home, our multi-faceted Stroke Program helps restore faith and functionality to people whose lives have been forever changed – giving them the hope they need to gain back their independence.

If emergency medical personnel in the field suspect a stroke, the Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center stroke team is alerted and we immediately mobilize a our team of specially-trained staff members. Once the patient arrives, the team goes into action to determine the type and cause of the stroke. Within 45 minutes all tests are completed, a diagnosis is made and we begin providing treatment to the patient to help minimize, and potentially reverse brain damage that might have occurred.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for each stroke patient through an organized system of care. Certification as a Primary Stroke Center acknowledges that the standardized protocols followed are proven best practices for stroke patients as published by the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association. We deliver exceptional, round-the-clock care; excel in staff education and training; provide comprehensive patient education; and offer an award-winning stroke rehabilitation program. All of these factors together add up to an optimized system of care that puts the needs of our patient first and foremost; the kind of care you want if you or a loved one ever suffers a stroke.

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