Finding Children and Helping Them

Throughout Los Angeles County and the South Bay, many families face difficulty access healthcare and wellness education services. Predominantly Spanish speaking, these low-income families may not always be able to provide their children with enough food to eat. They may not have a safe place to sleep. And if their children get sick, they have nowhere to turn. They need help, and PLCM is working to provide it.

Children's Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Project

Providing health insurance to uninsured children is first a matter of finding them.

Using Promotoras (Community Health Workers) to canvas clinics, churches, schools and homeless shelters, as well as to contact low-wage-paying businesses such as restaurants and retail shops, we are able to locate children who need help.

Promotoras communicate with the children's families in their native language, inspiring trust as they provide valuable information and assistance. The families feel comfortable with their Promotora neighbors, and allow their children to be enrolled in the insurance programs. They learn where to go for medical care!

Family Stories

Wherever we enroll children in our insurance program, we hear again and again how much their parents appreciate it. This mother's comments echo many:

"We moved here from Virginia, and had no health insurance. Our children had never been immunized. They needed physicals, too. When I went to school to enroll them for class, the Promotora said she could help.

"The children received the health care they needed, and now have health insurance. That gives me so much peace of mind.

"My husband has just found a job, so maybe we will be able to afford insurance eventually. For now though, I'm grateful that our 4 children will be able to get the medical care they need."

Program Success

If we can guard the health of just one South Bay child, we will consider this program successful! But our plans are much greater.

Thanks to the strength of our community-based approach, we will meet our overall goal to significantly reduce the percentage of low-income uninsured children in the South Bay! Specifically, we plan to enroll 1,600 eligible children over 2 years. That will help promote peace of mind for the entire community.

If you would like us to come to your organization to speak with employees about how to enroll their children in a low cost, comprehensive health, dental, and vision care, contact us at 877-567-7463. Under current guidelines, a family of four, making less than $55,000 qualify for this health insurance coverage for their children.

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