What to Expect During Your Stay

While hospitals can provide a secure refuge when you are seriously ill, there is no doubt that they can be intimidating places. Your admission to the hospital can be frightening and not knowing what to expect adds another level of anxiety. To help you relax just a little we would like to share what you might expect in a "typical" day at our hospital. These activities can be divided into five categories:

  • Patient Activities - Patient activities may include things such as laboratory or other diagnostic tests, often performed in the early morning; scheduled surgeries; treatments such as physical or respiratory therapy; visits from friends, relatives, hospital customer service representatives and pastoral care staff; eating, resting and sleeping.
  • Nursing Observations - Nursing observations include the monitoring and charting of the patient's vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiration and pain level, on a frequent basis. The nurse or other health care provider carries out the physician's orders and assesses the patient's physical and emotional needs. Nurses provide wound care and attend to medical equipment, such as intravenous lines (IV's) and cardiac monitors. Nurses also direct other staff who will tidy the room, assist in performing daily hygiene activities and deliver meals.
  • Doctor's Visits - Physician's rounds may occur at various times of the day and the resident doctor or assistant will often visit early in the morning. Physicians usually have many patients to see, but if there are specific questions, this is the opportunity to ask them.
  • Medications - Medications are prescribed by the physician and can be administered at any time throughout the day. They are often begun before breakfast and given at prescribed intervals during the day and night. Intravenous lines may dose medication automatically and nurses monitor this intake.
  • Meals - Meals are generally delivered three times a day, according to a prescribed diet. Snacks are available with physician approval.

These are all things you can expect when you are a patient in one of our hospitals. Providence Little Company of Mary strives to make your hospital stay a pleasant one. We are committed to your health and speedy recovery and devoted to or mission which emphasizes respect and dignity for all patients. We recognize that patients have a choice and we appreciate your choosing Providence Little Company of Mary.

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