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A pre-admission appointment will help make your stay easier and less stressful. If your physician's office has not made a pre-admission appointment for you, please call 310-303-6140 and we will schedule one at your convenience. You will meet with a caring pre-admission nurse who will make sure everything is in order. Your doctor may also schedule routine medical tests such as laboratory tests or X-rays, before your hospitalization. However, other routine tests may be done on the day of your admission.

You may want to bring a family member or trusted friend to your pre-admission appointment. We can help answer questions you or they may have then.

What To Do if You're Having Surgery

If you are scheduled to have elective surgery and need a blood transfusion, you may consider providing your own blood through the hospital's Autologous Blood Program. You must donate blood at least 72 hours before surgery. Your blood will be stored in your name and reserved just for you. We encourage you to discuss this program with your physician or the Blood Donor coordinator at 310-303-5843.

Please Bring the Following with You on Your Admission Day:

  • Current Insurance Card - or Credit Card or Cash for Payment or Deposit
  • Picture ID
  • Insurance Authorization (if you have received one)
  • Physician Orders or Paperwork
  • Blood Donor Cards
  • Advance Directive

If you need any assistance or further information call Admitting Department - Torrance 310-303-6190.

You'll Feel Right at Home in Our Rooms

We do our best to make your stay a comfortable one. We have both private and double occupancy rooms, which are assigned depending on availability and your medical needs. If you would like a private room and one is not available at the beginning of your stay, we will make every effort to provide one as soon as possible.

If you have a private room, an adult may stay overnight with you. (Unfortunately, children may not spend the night). Please let us know as soon as possible if you will have someone rooming with you. Overnight guests are not allowed in semi-private rooms.

Cellular phones may not be used in patient care areas because they interfere with medical equipment. Our staff can direct you to public telephones or areas where you may use cellular phones.

You'll be glad to know that each patient room has a wall-mounted television with major network programming as well as Spanish language channels and a music channel.

Special Needs

For our foreign language speaking patients, interpreter services are available and provided in all languages. We also furnish interpreters in American Sign Language. If your English is limited or you are speech or hearing impaired, please have your doctor or nurse contact us, and an interpreter will be requested at no cost to you. For more information, please call 310-303-5735.

Special Services For Your Special Needs

If you are hearing impaired, pay phone TTYs (teletypewriters) - also known as TDDs (telecommunication devices for the deaf) - are available throughout the medical center. We also provide bedside TTYs, phone amplifiers and pocket talkers for patients.

For any other services or special requests, please ask your nurse or call Patient and Family Services - Torrance at 310-303-5735.


If you should need skilled nursing care or physical therapy at home, we will gladly help arrange this service if medically necessary. We also will arrange ongoing hospitalization at a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation hospital if necessary. If you have any questions, please call our friendly case managers in Patient Relations at Patient Relations - Torrance 310-303-5735.

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