South Bay Residents Enjoy Urgent Care at the Speed of Life with New iTriage App

March 18, 2015

Between cuts, sprains, sudden illnesses and the occasional broken bone, reality can seriously get in the way of our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Spending untold hours locating, traveling to and waiting in an emergency room or urgent care center only makes matters worse.

Luckily, there’s an alternative—one that’s forging a new standard of care, embracing cutting edge mobile technology to conveniently connect patients to a better urgent care experience. It’s called iTriage.

iTriage makes urgent care hurt less
Thanks to the new iTriage app, people from San Pedro to Manhattan Beach and everywhere in between can now get the medical attention they need—faster. A free download from iTunes or Google Play, iTriage lets them quickly and easily:

  • Understand which symptoms call for urgent care—and which do not
  • Access care faster by finding the closest urgent care center
  • See a health professional sooner by letting the center know when they’re en route
  • Reduce waiting time by downloading and completing forms before they arrive

Time to rethink the ER
Many people mistakenly visit the emergency room for treatment that can be performed sooner and less expensively at an urgent care center: general pain; an illness like the flu; an injury like a sprain or strain; or an infection that’s not serious enough to warrant an ER visit.

But South Bay residents are fortunate for two reasons. First, they can now use the iTriage app to diagnose and get treatment for those ailments quickly. Second, when they do need to go for help they’ll find that great care is just around the corner at multiple urgent care facilities in the South Bay.

Urgent Care = Smart Choice
Urgent care is a smart choice when a same-day appointment with a primary care physician is impossible, or if care is needed after-hours or on the weekends. In fact, patients are likely to be surprised at the range of care they can receive there—minus the expense, anguish and inconvenience often associated with an ER experience.

Urgent care centers are staffed by healthcare professionals committed to providing patient-centered care. Some centers also offer state-of-the-art facilities with onsite diagnostic imaging and laboratory services. Find Urgent Care Locations ›

Simplicity itself
Using iTriage to access an urgent care center is a breeze. Patients simply launch the app to find a location near them. Then, once they’re ready to go, they can just hit the I’m On My Way Button to let the center know they’re coming. Urgent care personnel will use the iTriage solution to reserve a place in line for the patient, the goal being to get them in and out of treatment faster.

Now, urgent care excellence is always at hand
Visiting an urgent care center is the very last thing anyone would wish. But when real life becomes a little too real, it’s good to know that urgent care is right at our fingertips, thanks to the new iTriage app.