Providence Holy Cross Foundation

2015 Tribute Gifts - In Memory

Gifts made in memory of a family member or friend are not only a lovely way to pay tribute to a loved one, but also a way to help ensure quality, compassionate care throughout our communities.

To make a convenient and secure contribution now, please click here or call 818-496-4600.

Adella Allen

George C. Andrade
Mrs. Miriam Andrade

Michael G. Antenucci

Mrs. Rose G. Antenucci

Maria L. Barrington 
Mr. and Mrs. Juan L. Barragan

Stanley S. Bates

Ms. Virginia L. Bates

Aneline Bavaro

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Scott

Y.W. Blanchard

Ms. Honey M. Politano

Margo A. Burton

Mr. Raymond V. Burton

Mercedes Camarillo 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Camarillo

Betty Carras

Mr. Bernard M. Carras

Gilbert Cass

Mrs. Teresa Cass

George S. Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Kosten

Nicholas E. Chones

Ms. Susan Anne Chones

Louise Ciufo

Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Ciufo

Wilbur F. Clunen

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Clunen, Jr. 

Jerry Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eisman

Thomas G. Cone

Mrs. Rose G. Cone

Michael Joe Courtney

Mrs. Doreen Courtney

Tom and Joy Crosnoe

Ann and Nelson Sanesi

Dorothy DeRosa

Mr. and Mrs. John Folse

Lee Donohoe


Andrew Edelson

Mrs. Joyce C. Edelson

Frances Nadene Elswick

Charles W. Elswick, MD

Marvin Faulconer

Merle E. Faulconer

E. Fierro 

Ms. Rose M. Fierro

Selene Amber Frederick

Mr. Robert S. Frederick

Spartico Galieti

Mrs. Sally Galieti

Beverly Gardner

Ms. Vicki Lloyd
Mr. Thomas McPherson
Ms. Patricia Watson

Irene A. George

Mr. Roy K. George

Juanita Granados

Ms. Vera Orijel

Helen Gunderman

Mr. Howard J. Gunderman

Robert Haffamier

Margaret Haffamier

Patricia A. Hill

Mr. Albert A. Hill

Brian Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hoover

Giulio Inglese

Mrs. Mercede C. Inglese

Sebra Kaden

Mr. Ronald J. Kaden

Robert Kanemura


Peter Keller

Mrs. Rose G. Antenucci

Eugene B. Kiley

Ms. Colleene A. Kiley

Robert A. Kiley

Ms. Colleene A. Kiley

Otto Klinger
Brigette and Jay Loden

Katherine La Joy

Dr. and Mrs. John D. La Joy

Frank and Josie Leyba

Mr. Paul Leyba

Louis R. Llach, Sr. 

Ms. Gloria L. Navarro

Frances M. Lopez

Mrs. Anna Coauette
Ms. Sharon S. Mayhew
Ms. Frances McFarland

George Manfredi

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Adams

Sofia and Richard Martin

Mr. David Lee Martin

Ron McGowan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McGowan

Rosalind Medoff

Mr. and Mrs. David Medoff

Erasmo Mendez

Ms. Mary Mendez

Arthur and Mike Mendias

Ms. Tillie Dominguez

Ann M. Messina

Mr. Anthony F. Messina

Richard J. Meyers, Jr.

Mrs. Mary Anne Tradelius

Gloria A. Miller

Mr. Donald T. Miller

Ramon and Genovera Miranda

Mrs. Dora E. Miranda

Defline Pangan

Eloisa G. Pangan, MD

Steve Pecoff

Mrs. Rose G. Antenucci

Norman J. Pfau

Ms. Virginia A. Pfau

Patricia Phillips

Mr. Rudy L. Phillips

John and Catherine Reilly

Ms. Mary K. Reilly

Diana Riesch

Mrs. Rose G. Antenucci

Virginia Simmons


Glauco Sotelo

Mrs. Yolanda Sotelo

Betty Statham

Mr. Stanley U. Statham

Sandra A. Stires


Rodolfo Troisi

Mrs. Beatriz Rosa Troisi

Roscoe Turner

Mrs. Anita Turner
Ms. Kathleen M. Turner

Sussanh Udeozor

Ms. Christina Udeozor

Maria Vallejo

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel M. Marquez

James Waite 

Mrs. Beverly C. Waite

Sister June Wilkerson

Brigette and Jay Loden
Providence Holy Cross Medical Center Guild

DeJeus Wiren

Mr. and Mrs. Juan L. Barragan

Mary Jane Wohler

Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine R. Baarstad

Irene Wosnitzer

Mr. Robert Wosnitzer

Mary J. Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Radford

Yong Yoo

Mr. Henry Yoo

Stanley J. Zalesny 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Zalesny

Robert R. Zarnosky

Mrs. Margaret Saponaro
Mrs. Maryellen M. Zarnosky

Samir Zeind

Mr. and Mrs. Franco Llanos