Women's Health

Providence Tarzana Medical Center is committed to caring for women throughout their life, providing healthcare, wellness, education and support to meet their unique medical needs. With this in mind, Providence Tarzana Women's Health Services was established as a healthcare resource for women in the San Fernando Valley, where our intensively-trained, experienced team of health care professionals deliver the highest quality care.

Providence Tarzana Women's Health has consistently ranked in the top five percent in the nation for Maternity Care Excellence and Women’s Healthcare Excellence.

Our Women's Health team members partner with each patient empowering her to take control of her health through wellness programs, exams, and education. If illnesses or conditions do arise, we are able to blend medical expertise with the latest technology and treatments as they affect women's health specifically. We focus on providing comprehensive, compassionate care for women in one location.

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Early Detection Saves Lives

Largely due to early detection and treatment, deaths from breast cancer have been on the decline since the 1990s. When breast cancer is caught in its most early stages it is most curable. 

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