Pre- and Perinatal Services

Our commitment to our families begins with education, with classes to prepare you and your family for your baby's arrival. These programs are designed to increase your knowledge so parents can become more at ease caring for their baby before and after returning home. Classes include:

Amazing Newborn

Your new baby will bring you lots of surprises-and in this class, a pediatrician will tell you what to expect from day one, beginning with the procedures following delivery and the newborn transition period. A developmental therapist will discuss normal infant growth and development, and help you understand your baby's cues. You'll also learn innovative techniques to enhance your baby's learning environment, games to play, soothing a cranky baby and infant massage.


Anesthesia and Cesarean Section

Prepare yourself and your partner for the possibility of a surgical birth so you will be able to make this alternative a positive and family orientated experience. This class teaches you the possible indications for a Cesarean section, as well as the surgery and recovery process. You'll also explore the different types of anesthesia commonly used for the labor process, as well as for vaginal and Cesarean deliveries. This class is part of the Childbirth Preparation series, but is open to any parent interested solely in this topic.


Baby Care

Parents will learn about the normal appearances of the newborn, feeding, coping with a crying baby and when to call the doctor. You will also learn the best ways to hold, burp, bathe and diaper your newborn, as well as circumcision and umbilical cord care. Included is time for hands-on practice.


Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies

Babies have so much to say, but without words, communication can be frustrating. This class will teach parents simple hand gestures to show their infants that allow babies and toddlers to communicate what they see, need and even how they feel. Baby Signs® helps babies to speak sooner and jumpstarts their intellectual development. This program includes a class for expectant parents, as well as a continuing program for children up to 24 months of age.



Whether you have decided on breastfeeding or you're still exploring the option, this class can help. Our lactation specialist teaches infant nutrition and successful breastfeeding techniques. You'll also learn the advantages of breastfeeding, difficulties and common problems, anatomy and physiology, how to pump and store breast milk, feeding guidelines and proper positioning so your first breastfeeding interaction with your baby can be a positive one! Partners are strongly urged to attend.


Childbirth Preparation

Prepare yourself physically and emotionally for the birth process with this five-week program. Certified childbirth educators will help you and your coach develop controlled breathing and relaxation techniques with practice sessions that emphasize your coach's role. You'll also learn about prenatal testing, danger signals prior to the onset of labor, how to recognize symptoms of labor, what to expect throughout labor and delivery, physical changes during recovery and the emotional demands of a new baby. To accommodate your scheduling needs, please call for reservations for this series by your fifth month of pregnancy.


Diabetes and Pregnancy Education

Women with gestational diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2 will receive extensive education about delivering a healthy baby.


Infant Safety and CPR

The Infant Safety and CPR class is designed for parents with newborns to one year of age. "Babyproofing" your home, CPR and obstructed airway (choking) management techniques are taught.


Maternity Tour

As your due date approaches, you'll want to acquaint yourself with both the place and the particulars of your upcoming birth experience. This program includes a guided tour of our admitting area, labor and delivery, maternity unit and newborn nursery. You'll also learn from a question and answer session with our professional staff, as well as view a slide presentation discussing what to expect from admission to discharge.

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