NICU Patient and Family Support


Parents may visit at all hours, but we encourage one parent to visit at a time. A parent may spend the night for the child's comfort. We provide a sleeper chair at the child's bedside and meal tickets for one parent to enjoy meals at our cafeteria. For your convenience, we also offer free parking to parents for the duration of your child's stay.

Returning our pediatric patients to good health is our goal at Providence Tarzana Medical Center. Sometimes this means having to enforce special visitation restrictions, especially during times of seasonal illness. Please check with patient's nurse before inviting friends or family members other than parents to visit.

Individualized Family Conferences

These meetings occur on an "as needed" basis. Each infant has a personal NICU team, consisting of: you, the parents and caregivers; the primary physician or nurse practitioner; specialty physicians; occupational therapist/physical therapist; social worker and discharge planner; and primary bedside nurse. Any or all of the team may meet to plan your infant's care, consult with one another, check progress and decide next steps.

Rooming In

The "Rooming In" program is designed to empower parents with confidence in their ability to care for their baby before taking them home. Under the supervision of the infant's primary bedside nurse, parents or other caregivers are encouraged to spend an entire day or an entire night providing "total" care to their infant a day or two before discharge.

Lactation Consultant

We encourage mothers to breastfeed their infants. Unless there are medically contraindicated or physical reasons that prohibit breastfeeding, breastfeeding is physically and emotionally healthy for both the infant and the mother. To help mother and baby, a lactation consultant is available in the NICU at bedside twice a week by appointment. Additional lactation support is available as needed. The lactation consultant provides one-on-one breastfeeding assistance and education to nursing mothers, as well as breastfeeding management strategies and techniques.

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