Latino Health Promoters

The Latino Health Promoters Program was started in 1993 and serves communities with high concentration of Latinos. The goal of the Program is to educate dedicated community volunteers on different health topics and support them in their effort to keep fellow community members healthy through screenings and health information. The Program provides basic health training to members of the community including information on various services and resources in the local community. The Promoters are trusted members of the community that residents can seek advices from regarding health-related issues. The Promoters assist in linking residents with resources and services available in the community and help break down the barriers that impact access to services. Some of the highlights of the Program include:

  • The Latino Health Promoter Program is the only program of its kind in the Los Angeles County that serves the northeast San Fernando Valley providing a vital link towards bringing services and resources to community residents.
  • Community members expressed a desire to talk with members of their own community, and in their own language, because they felt that in speaking with another resident from the local community their health issues would be better communicated and understood.
  • Many of the volunteers in the Health Promoter Program come from four local churches in the community.
  • The Program Coordinator developed a training manual for the Promoters that cover such topics as: Spirituality, Counseling Techniques, Communicable Disease, Nutrition, STDs & HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors, Diabetes, Breast and Cervical Cancer, and Violence including Domestic, Child, Gang and Societal.
  • The trained Promoters inform community members on health-related issues through home visitation and seminars. The Promoters also take regular health assessments of the congregation at seminars and health screenings.
  • The Program collaborates with over 40 provider organizations to bring screenings and health education services directly to the community.
  • Providence Holy Cross Medical Center has trained over 70 people in the community to serve as Health Promoters through their churches and community organizations.



  • Getting a Healthy Life
    • Nutrients
    • Portions and Servings
    • How to Read the Labels
    • Dealing with Obesity
    • Exercise
    • Stress Management
  • Getting a Healthy Weight
    • Measure: Weight, Height, BMI, and Blood Pressure
    • Exercise: Warming up, aerobic-dancing
    • Relaxation
    • Cooking Demonstration-Nutrition Tips

Ongoing Support Groups

  • Diabetes Support Group
  • Nutrition Class
  • Nutrients
  • Portions and Servings
  • How to count carbohydrates
  • How to read labels

Health Note 

Monthly publication distributed at local churches

  • Articles: Nutrition, cooking recipes, obesity, exercise, walking

Health Promoter Training

  • Nutrition Class
    • Nutrients
    • Portions and Servings
    • How to read labels
    • Different kinds of diet: Diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol
    • Food Pyramid
    • Exercise
    • Counting Carbohydrates


  • For continuing education for health promoters:
    • Nutrition, Obesity, exercise, and stress

Phone Number: 818-847-3983

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