Digital Mammography

Early detection of breast cancer is the key in long-term survival rates. Mammography is one of the tools utilized in early detection. Providence Tarzana Medical Center utilizes digital technology for mammography. Faster than film mammograms, the image can be sent immediately to the radiologist for viewing who can determine right away if the image needs to be retaken, reducing callbacks and stress on patients.

While viewing the image on the computer, the radiologist can closely examine any area, zooming in, adjusting brightness or changing the contrast, making all areas of the breast easier to see. Should your physician want to consult a breast specialist about your mammogram, the digital image files can be sent electronically for review.

Computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD) can be used on the images to help find tumors that a radiologist might not spot. Once a CAD analysis has been done, a radiologist will do a visual check of those areas, and based on training and experience, decide how serious the mass may actually be.

To schedule a mammogram, call 818-881-9814.

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