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Cardiac Rehabilitation at Providence

At Providence, cardiac rehabilitation is an individualized, step-by-step program designed to support each patient's specific needs. By building strength and endurance, the program safely and effectively helps you overcome some of the physical complications of heart disease and reduce further risk for developing additional heart problems.

Our team of cardiac rehab specialists includes registered nurses, exercise physiologists and a registered dietitian/certified diabetic educator. In collaboration with your physician, they evaluate your needs and design a program specifically for you. This process includes:

  • A medical evaluation to assess your physical abilities, medical limitations, and other relevant conditions and psychosocial needs.
  • A supervised exercise program with heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. Exercise increases blood flow to your heart and strengthens your heart's contractions so that it pumps more blood with less effort. It also helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, control diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Other benefits include reduced stress and increased energy.
  • Lifestyle education to help you improve overall health and reduce the risk of experiencing another life-threatening event. Our registered dietitian helps you create a healthy eating plan and teach you about managing dietary fats, sodium and cholesterol. If you need to lose weight, our Smarter Weight program provides you with tools to help shed pounds like diet and exercise counseling, weekly lectures and exercise classes. If you smoke, our Freedom from Smoking program provides counseling to help you quit.
  • Psychosocial support to help you cope with anxiety or depression that may result from your condition or illness. You may benefit from our monthly cardiac support group facilitated by a registered nurse or our education series that deals with the issues of stress management.

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Community Fitness

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Community Fitness services offer rehabilitation and fitness solutions customized to support the unique needs and preferences of patients recovering from a range of cardiovascular diseases and conditions.

In order to satisfy the unique needs of each patient, our cardiac rehab and fitness programs and services may be recommended by your physician in a variety of phases.

  • Phase I: In the Hospital. (Offered at all three Medical Centers) Cardiac rehabilitation begins soon after a heart attack or cardiac procedure, while you're still in the hospital. The team contributing to your care includes your physician, cardiac rehabilitation nurse educators, staff nurses, dietitians and physical therapists. Your team initially asks you to perform simple activities such as sitting up in bed, range-of-motion exercises and self-care. You gradually progress to walking and limited stair climbing.
  • Phase II: Early Recovery. (Offered at Providence Holy Cross and Providence Tarzana Medical Centers) When you leave the hospital, you need to gradually increase your general activity level, usually under close supervision three times per week for approximately 12 weeks. During this time, you receive an intensive risk factor modification program composed of telemetry monitored exercise, weekly education lectures and dietary counseling. You also learn about smoking cessation, psychological adjustments and finding social support. Participation requires approval from your physician and your insurance company.
  • Phase III: Cardiac Maintenance. (Offered at Providence Saint Joseph and Providence Tarzana Medical Centers) The Cardiac Maintenance program is available for graduates of Phase II who wish to continue exercising in a medically supervised setting and those who have a history of cardiac disease. The cardiac rehab team provides weekly blood pressure checks, electrocardiograms (EKGs), and glucose monitoring. Members may participate in the Cardiac Maintenance program indefinitely. Participation requires approval from your physician.
  • Phase IV: Community Fitness. (Offered at Providence Saint Joseph and Providence Tarzana Medical Centers) Cardiac rehabilitation services offer exercise and wellness programs for those without heart disease who have made a lifelong commitment to health. Typically, you do not need regular heart monitoring or medical or nursing supervision while exercising. However, blood pressure, EKG and glucose monitoring is provided as needed. Consultations with a registered dietitian are available and The Smarter Weight and Freedom From Smoking programs continue to be valuable resources to support your goals. Members may participate in the Community Fitness program indefinitely. Participation may require approval from your physician.

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