Discharge programs designed to ease the transition from hospital to home

Bedside Delivery Program

The bedside delivery program is designed to assure patients have their post-discharge medications delivered directly to their rooms on the day of discharge.  Patients leaving the hospital usually have at least one prescription t they will need once they leave the hospital. At Providence Tarzana Medical Center, we realize it can be difficult to stop at the pharmacy and get these prescriptions filled before going home.

Working with Walgreens, PTMC has instituted a program where patients are visited by a Walgreens pharmacy technician.  The technician explains the program, and if the patient wants to participate, arrangements are made to have the discharge prescriptions filled and delivered to the patient in the hospital the day of discharge or available for express pick-up. The pharmacy technician also provides consultation services when the prescription is dispensed and conducts a wellness ‘check-in’ call two days after discharge. 

Care Transition Program

The Care Transition Program at Providence Tarzana Medical Center is a free service for hospitalized Medicare fee-for-service patients. The program is initiated while the patient is in the hospital.  The Care Transition coach visits the patient in the hospital and introduces the program. If the patient is interested in participating, the coach will schedule a home visit soon after the patient is discharged. The coach meets the patient at home and reviews discharge instructions; makes sure doctor appointments are scheduled and attended; arranges for services such as meal deliveries; and reviews medications as well as any symptoms. Should red flags arise during the visit, the coach will take action to ensure the patient receives the proper assistance or intervention. The coach follows up with the patient by phone at least twice within the month after discharge to further review the patient’s condition, concerns and needs for any additional services.

This free, post-discharge service is designed to:

  • Bridge gaps between hospitals, patients and primary care physicians.
  • Provides patient-centered care
  • Links patients to important resources that have been shown to promote successful recovery. Resources include meals, transportation, medication and support services.
  • Encourages patients to stay connected to their primary care physicians by keeping follow-up appointments.
  • Increases knowledge of health care needs.

The program has been shown to reduce readmissions and emergency room visits while empowering patients to manage their recoveries. 

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