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Measles Outbreak

January 26, 2015
Video: Doctor Says Kids Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated Should Avoid Major Public Places

Our kids do not know what a normal weight is

October 28, 2014
About one-third of U.S. children are overweight, and about 17 percent of those kids are obese. A key public health goal is to promote weight loss...

Things to Consider When Choosing Where to Have Your Baby

April 03, 2014
When you’re deciding where to have your baby, you want to consider every aspect of care – including the specialized services you’ll need if...

Providence Tarzana Medical Center Receives Pediatric Medical Center Designation

February 10, 2014

Providence Tarzana Medical Center has been named a Pediatric Medical Center, a state certification indicating an advanced level of care for...

World-Class Care for the Community’s Children

April 01, 2013

When your child needs hospitalization, you want to place your precious little one in the most capable hands possible—which means care...

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