Providence Tarzana Medical Center Receives Pediatric Medical Center Designation

February 10, 2014

Providence Tarzana Medical Center has been named a Pediatric Medical Center, a state certification indicating an advanced level of care for critically ill children transported by ambulance to the hospital.

The Los Angeles Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency approved this designation following review of pediatric services at Providence Tarzana, which provides an18-bed pediatric unit and the seven-bed Mozilo Family Foundation Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

This means:

  • Providence Tarzana’s Emergency Department is capable of managing complex pediatric emergencies
  • Providence Tarzana has a designated Pediatric Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit licensed by the state Department of Health Services
  • Physicians with pediatric care and sub-specialty experience, including a pediatric critical care specialist, are available at all times
  • Providence Tarzana provides outreach and educational programs for the community

“Designation as Pediatric Medical Center, coupled with Providence Tarzana’s affiliation with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, makes PTMC the best choice for pediatric care in the Valley and surrounding communities,” said Gerald Clute, the hospital’s chief executive.  “Families get the care they need close to home instead of having their child transferred to a facility further away.” 

Providence Tarzana is one of a few hospitals in the Valley equipped to handle, pediatric orthopedics, pediatric urology and other pediatric subspecialties, as well as a full complement of inpatient and outpatient pediatric surgeries, and a comprehensive neonatal intensive care unit.

Providence Tarzana’s pediatric team not only treats the young patients, but works with families to manage the medical and psychological issues that surface when a child is seriously ill. Parents are encouraged to provide as much as possible for their hospitalized children’s basic needs - cuddling, feeding, bathing, diapering and playing.

For a pediatric physician referral, call 1-888-HEALING

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