Lifesaving Emergency Care at Providence Tarzana

October 21, 2013

The summer night began like any other for the Edber family—Daniel and Sari kissed their children goodnight and went to bed. In the middle of the night, Sari woke to the sound of Daniel aspirating. She knew something was terribly wrong and that every second counted.

Fluid was rapidly filling Daniel’s lungs, depriving his heart of oxygen. He was in full cardiac arrest and not breathing.

Sari immediately called 911 and began to administer CPR. The paramedics soon arrived at the Edbers’ home and stabilized Daniel en route to Providence Tarzana Medical Center.

The Edbers didn’t know it then, but Daniel’s minor cold a week earlier had led to viral cardiomyopathy, a condition that slowly weakened his heart.

When they arrived at the ER, a respiratory therapist immediately recognized Daniel as a “NICU dad.” Three years earlier, their newborn baby Elan was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit weighing just 1 pound and 15 ounces. During his 100-day stay, the NICU staff got to know Sari and Daniel and educated them on caring for their baby when they took him home.

One of the many skills Sari learned from the Providence Tarzana medical staff was infant CPR, which she adapted that summer night to prevent her husband from succumbing to cardiac arrest.

Physicians treated Daniel by administering therapeutic hypothermia. This revolutionary protocol involved cooling Daniel’s body to a state similar to hibernation, protecting it from damage, especially to the brain.

Daniel would remain in critical condition for several weeks. While her husband was receiving state-of-the-art care, Sari felt the loving support of staff at Providence Tarzana. One day, as she sat at her husband’s bedside, the staff surprised her with a birthday cake.

After undergoing physical therapy, Daniel made a full recovery and was back at work six weeks after his cardiac arrest.

From Daniel and Sari’s experience at Providence Tarzana, it’s easy to see that excellent medical care means going “above and beyond” for our patients and their families.

“There are no words to adequately express my deepest gratitude to the countless doctors, nurses, specialists, and other support staff at Providence Tarzana,” says Sari. “They acted as our teachers when we had questions, our guides when we felt overwhelmed, our comfort when we came close to feeling hopeless, and our friends when we needed a hug or shoulder to cry on.”

Today, Daniel enjoys being active with his children Elan and Talia. “We enjoy playing in the backyard, going swimming, and building forts together,” says Daniel. As for Elan, he’s a healthy, playful three-year-old who attends preschool with kids his own age. He especially loves to climb, play with trains, and do puzzles.

“Every day, Providence Tarzana’s incredible staff saves countless lives,” says Sari. “The medical staff are miracle workers who allow for so many happy endings, not just ours.”

As a designated cardiac receiving center, Providence Tarzana provides the highest level of emergency and critical care to patients. With skilled teams onsite 24 hours a day, we are at the ready to receive heart attack patients and give them the immediate, lifesaving care.