Robby Halaby was not able to live in pain anymore

April 03, 2014

Robby Halaby is a mechanical engineer in the manufacturing business. He is on his feet a lot and travels often. But a lower back problem made walking a challenge, forcing him to cut back on travel, something that affected his job. Robby had seen several doctors about his back and each sent him to physical therapy which provided temporary relief until the pain returned with a vengeance.

A workmate of his spoke highly of Greg Khounganian, MD, an orthopedic spine surgeon who had performed successful surgery on his neck. “I was scared and desperate,” said Robby, “but had to do something because after five minutes of standing my legs would get numb and I would lose by balance.”

A visit to Dr. Khounganian and a review of X-rays showed severe pinching of the nerves in Robby’s lower back. “Dr. Khounganian pinpointed the problem in no time and told me exactly what was wrong with it and how to take care of it, and it required surgery,” said Robby. “I was still very scared about the surgery, so I went to the chiropractor to see what he would do for me while I waited for approval on the surgery from my insurance company. I thought maybe he could move it to get it fixed. The chiropractor helped for about 15 minutes and then my back went back to the way it was.”

Not able to live with the pain any more, Robby finally had his surgery and was out of the hospital 24 hours later. “Robby’s pain tolerance level was through the roof, so he is the first patient I have had go home in under three days,” said Khounganian. Today Robby is pain free and back to work and travel after only three weeks after his surgery. He raves about the care he received. “The service was excellent -- beyond my expectations. I think the doctor is amazing. I told him in the office that before the surgery I felt I was in hell. Now I’m in heaven. I wish I would have met this doctor way back. I wouldn’t have had to go through all the suffering of going to see so many doctors and so many physical therapists, only to get worse. “

Robby’s family is thrilled about his successful outcome. His wife Hadia said, “He was so bad that he couldn’t walk more than a few steps before having to sit down. We would go to the mall and he would drop me and the kids off and then just sit outside and wait. Now I have my husband back and my kids have their Dad back. It’s so nice.”

Providence Tarzana is a great hospital. They did a fantastic job and the nurses and staff were there for me. It was awesome.