Dolores Taylor on Orthopedic Surgery

April 03, 2014

It was Black Friday and Dolores Taylor was anxious to go shopping, but the garage door on her Nevada vacation home was not cooperating and kept going up and down. So she grabbed a stick with a hook on the end to disengage it manually. Unfortunately, the hook broke loose and sent her tumbling to the ground, resulting in a burst fracture in her spine.

Her daughter drove her to a nearby hospital and after spending eight hours in the waiting room, she got the news they wanted to operate immediately. Not knowing anything about the hospital or the surgeon, she opted for a brace and a ride home to the San Fernando Valley where her primary care physician recommended Greg Khounganian, MD, orthopedic surgeon.

“The fracture in the lumbar spine was causing significant nerve impingement that made her legs weak and her toes numb” said Khounganian. “She needed to undergo emergent surgery to decompress the nerves and defuse the spine that had become very unstable from the fracture.” “He explained to me that it was very important to operate immediately to avoid permanent damage and even paralysis,” said Dolores. The next day she was on the operating table and grateful that the intense pain she was in would be relieved.

A Mission Junior College teacher, today Dolores is much improved with full mobility. She even went ziplining in Panama recently! “Dr. K is the best doctor,” says Dolores. “I am so thankful I was referred to him. He is sensitive, intuitive, supportive and just takes the time to talk and explain things to you. That is something that you just don’t get any more these days.”