Caring for Chronic Wounds and Ostomies

April 01, 2012

If you’re living with a nonhealing wound or an ostomy, you know that it’s more than a physical challenge. It can be an emotional one, too. At the Providence Tarzana Wound Center, a team of skilled experts takes a total “body, mind, spirit” approach to evaluating and treating chronic, nonhealing wounds and ostomies.

“Addressing the whole person, including the psychosocial, is a natural part of each patient visit,” says Terry Daggi, R.N., CWOCN (certified wound and ostomy care nurse), the center’s program director.

“Plus, we have nationally certified wound and ostomy nurses who can identify any problems and come up with a solution.”

The center’s multidisciplinary team also includes plastic, orthopedic and general surgeons, and each patient receives an individualized treatment plan.