Medical Staff Services

The Providence Tarzana Medical Staff and Allied Health Professionals website offers practitioners access to current events, policies, bylaws and other resources of interest. We welcome your feedback.

About Providence Tarzana Medical Center

Since 1973, Providence Tarzana Medical Center, recognized for its award-winning care, has provided inpatient, outpatient and emergency care for our San Fernando Valley communities. Our specialized services include orthopedics and oncology, as well as our heart and vascular care, with the only certified carotid stenting program in the area.

Physician Information

Medical Executive Committee

  • Chief of Staff:  Richard Shapiro, M.D.
  • Vice Chief of Staff:  Jeremy Shapiro, M.D.
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Charles Headrick, M.D.
  • Immediate Past Chief of Staff:  Jeff Work, M.D.
  • Chief of Medicine:  Kamyar Kamjoo, M.D.
  • Vice Chief of Medicine:  Arash Nourparvar, M.D.
  • Chief of OB/GYN:  Gil Bender, M.D.
  • Vice Chief of OB/GYN:  Shelley Susman, M.D.
  • Chief of Pediatrics:  Angelee Reiner, M.D.
  • Vice Chief of Pediatrics:  Daniel Bruckner, M.D.
  • Chief of Surgery:  Greg Khounganian, M.D.
  • Vice Chief of Surgery:  Marc Cohen, M.D.
  • Chief of Anesthesiology:  Amgad Elsibai, M.D.
  • Chief of Radiology:  Farhad Houriani, M.D.
  • Chief of Emergency Medicine:  Eric Snyder, M.D.
  • Chief of Pathology:  William Colburn, M.D.
  • Chair, Cardiology Division:  Marc Ehrich, M.D.
  • Chief Executive:  Dale Surowitz
  • Chief Medical Officer:  Howard Davis, M.D.
  • Director, Medical Staff Services:  Debbie Miller

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Medical Staff Services
Phone: (818) 708.5566
Fax: (818) 708.7219