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Experience Agility - Sep's Story

December 04, 2014
Sep had two cervical herniated disks that required surgery to repair, and thanks to the comprehensive orthopedic specialists at Providence Health...

Experience Courage - Ethel's Story

August 28, 2014
Ethel Smith had the courage to fight her battle with cancer along with a comprehensive team of oncologists and caregivers at Providence, and today...

Assess Your Road Readiness

April 02, 2014

Independent driving often is top of mind for people recovering from strokes or living with disabilities or age-related changes. But how do you know...

Big and Loud

January 01, 2014

For many living with Parkinson’s disease, simply being seen and heard can be a challenge. The progressive nature of the disease impairs...

A Sigh of Relief

January 01, 2014

During a normal day, you take nearly 25,000 breaths, so keeping your respiratory system in good shape is essential—especially as you age....

Seasonal Blues? With the Holidays Soon Upon Us, Watch for Signs of Depression in Those You Love

October 01, 2013

It seems earlier every year that the familiar hues of red and green begin to appear wherever we look. Maybe these early seasonal cues can remind us...

Keep Your Balance

June 01, 2013

Providence’s physical therapy services can help you stay spry and prevent falls As we age, it’s no secret that our balance, strength...

Community Connections

April 01, 2013

Diabetes Management Made Easier Providence Tarzana and Providence Holy Cross Medical Centers serve a large gestational diabetes population....

Time. It's the Most Important Factor When You're Having a Stroke

April 01, 2013

How quickly you receive a diagnosis and treatment can make the difference in how fast, and how well, you rebound from the devastating effects of...

Dealing with Dementia

January 01, 2013

Providence offers 360­-degree support for dementia patients and caregivers. Television personality Leeza Gibbons knows how difficult it is to...

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