Providence Little Company of Mary San Pedro honored for nursing excellence in promoting patient safety

October 26, 2015

Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro was recognized this weekend by a national nurses organization for performance excellence in reducing two types of infection that, unfortunately, occur in hospitals.

CALNOC, which monitors nurse quality indicators, today announced its annual CALNOC Performance Excellence Awards recognizing hospitals for excellent performance in improving patient safety by reducing hazards. CALNOC recognized 149 hospitals for their commitment to quality improvement.

“This honor goes to our physicians, nurses and all those involved in caring for our patients, said Garry Olney, the hospitals administrator/chief operating officer. “Providence not only employs some of the best and brightest people, we also truly believe in our mission of providing safe quality and compassionate care to all, especially the poor and vulnerable, and this recognition from CALNOC demonstrates our dedication to this mission. Our goal is to continuously improve upon excellence by working as a team to ensure the best care for our patients”

Hospitals that were recognized are not only able to achieve excellence in preventing harm to patients they also are able to sustain excellent performance.

Providence Little Company of Mary San Pedro was honored for reducing central line-associated blood stream infections and methicillin-resistant saphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections.

“We congratulate all the 2015 awardees for this significant achievement to improve patient quality care and patient safety. Their work is important to the community and represents a considerable dedication to healthcare quality,” said Tony Sung, chief executive officer of CALNOC.

CALNOC - the Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes - created the first database registry of nurse sensitive indicators which turns patient outcome data into powerful information for hospital executives to guide decisions to advance global patient care. Hundreds of hospitals have joined CALNOC to monitor and benchmark performance in order to deliver excellence in patient care. CALNOC, a non-profit organization, held its annual conference this weekend in Long Beach.