Assess Your Road Readiness

April 02, 2014

Independent driving often is top of mind for people recovering from strokes or living with disabilities or age-related changes. But how do you know if it’s safe?

Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro offers a Driving Rehabilitation Program that can help.

Participants are evaluated by certified driving rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists and certified driving instructors. The team evaluates reasoning, judgment, decision-making, reaction time, problem-solving ability, functional mobility, strength, coordination and functional vision for driving.

The team also can help with skill building or automobile modifications for those needing adaptive equipment.

“The program provides family members peace of mind to know if it’s safe for their parents, grandparents or other loved ones to be on the road,” says Huong Anh Ngo Long, MD, medical director of rehabilitation services at Providence Little Company of Mary San Pedro.

To learn more about the program, please call 310-514-5370.