The Power of Addiction

April 03, 2014

If a loved one suffers from alcoholism or addiction, you may wonder why the person can’t or won’t stop using a substance that has such negative and dangerous consequences.

Chances are, the ability to stop abusing the substance is no longer in his or her control. When addicted, the drug user will do just about anything to obtain the drug. It becomes the most important part of the person’s life, overshadowing any other aspect.

Addictive drugs and alcohol alter the function of the brain and the way cells work. When the brain has experienced these changes, the desires created will always be there. Recovery is a lifelong process to avoid triggers, significant stress, and any use of addictive substances.

For more than 30 years, The Recovery Center at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro has offered a premier chemical dependency rehabilitation program addressing the needs of the chemically dependent and their significant others. We treat chemical dependency as a primary, progressive and chronic disease and provide a supportive and healing environment that encourages individuals and family members to fully participate in the treatment process to ensure optimal response to treatment.

Programs at The Recovery Center include:

Complete inpatient program including medical detoxification (JCAHO-accredited 30 bed facility)

Partial hospitalization/day treatment program (6 hours)

Intensive day and evening outpatient program (3 hours)

Dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders treatment