Dana Alcohol Meth Crack Cocaine

April 03, 2014

As a depressed child, Dana attempted suicide for the first time at age ten. In her early teens, alcohol became her escape. A teenage pregnancy at 16 made her feel like she had ruined her life, and by age 17 she was drunk every day. She married at 18 and was so depressed that at age 20 she again tried to end her life. Her drinking escalated until she could not maintain relationships or be a good mother. In 2002, her own mother, who had taken over caring for her children, passed away unexpectedly. Dana was forced to care for her four children, although she was in no condition to do so. At this point, Dana’s world began to crumble. She tried Meth for the first time the day her mother died.

 “I felt less depressed at first and it seemed to take away my obsession with killing myself for a while,” Dana said. “But then the drugs turned on me. I married someone I didn’t even know. My mom and my husband had taught my kids not to tell anyone what was going on. They were suffering. My life was just caving in around me. Then I tried Crack. The Crack was what brought me to my knees.” One day, in desperation, Dana called her daughter to help her. The next day, her daughter came and picked up her mom and took her to the Recovery Center.

“I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be,” Dana said. “At first, I wasn’t willing to make the sacrifices that I needed to make to get better. Then I realized what my life would be like and I decided the pain was worth it. The 14-day inpatient stay saved my life and the Outpatient Program keeps me going. I have been sober for almost 5 months and the counselors have given me the tools to succeed. They made me accountable, but supported me through everything. You can tell your group anything, because everyone there has been through it in one way or another. Without the Recovery Center, I’m not even sure I’d still be alive right now.”