Providence Tarzana Foundation

2015 Tribute Gifts - In Memory

Gifts made in memory of a family member or friend are not only a lovely way to pay tribute to a loved one, but also a way to help ensure quality, compassionate care throughout our communities.

To make a convenient and secure contribution now, please click here or call 818-757-4384.

Josephine Accardi

Ms. Anita Padovano

Dennis Avelino

Ms. Charinna Avelino

Galina Biksgorin

Ms. Rimma Biksgorin

David Bresler

Ms. Ruth D. Forster

Sonia Cano

Mr. Simon Ortiz

Barbara Clago

The Bausch Family
Thyra and Karl Boeckmann
Patty Williams and Jan Orgen
Evy and Fred Scholder Family

Leah Anne Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bernstein
Mr. Steven D. Brass
Cardiology Consultants Medical Group
Dr. and Mrs. Laurence Eason
Dr. Richard and Jamie Glimp
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Larsen
Robert Raggi, MD

James Dunn

The Bausch Family
Ms. Allison B. Clago
Ms. Christina Fiduccia
Providence Tarzana Medical Center
Rosenheim & Associates
Valley Industry and Commerce Association

Pedro Elizalde

Ms. MaryCruz Elizalde

Albert and Reta Gross

Mr. Daniel A. Gross

Roman D. Guintu

Ms. Rosario Guintu

Letty Karp

Mr. Warren Karp

Soron and Judie Litman

Mr. and Mrs. Tony B. Litman

Arthur Maler

Mrs. Helen Maler

Sue Orgen

Ms. Allison B. Clago

Christopher Pollan

Mrs. Arletta Altman
Ms. Ruth Drucker
Mr. Graham K. Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Frances G. Novak
Mr. Robert M. Stecher, Jr. 

Marion Potts

Ms. Marlene Brause

Chase Richards

Chase Foundation

Patty Roulette

Mr. William R. Roulette

Evelyn Stegath

Mr. and Mrs. John T. McCook

Scot Tinsley

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Tinsley

Judith Wagerman

Mr. Gerald M. Wagerman

Elizabeth Weeks

Ms. Melinda A. Miller