Directed Blood Donation

Directed donation gives parents the option to provide their own blood donors for the potential transfusion needs of their NICU infant. Prospective donors usually include family members, friends, co-workers, etc. In emergent situations, or if a directed blood donor is not available, blood from the Providence St. Joseph Blood Bank can be used.

Parents or other directed donors can call the Blood Donor Center at 1-800-469-9555 and schedule an appointment and should notify their NICU nurse of this appointment to ensure coordination of donation. Donors must identify themselves as "directed donors" and provide the baby's name and NICU location.

Donors will need to bring their own Drivers License number and a copy of the patient's Social Security number. Donors without appointments will be gladly accommodated on a space available basis. Each donor is carefully screened to determine eligibility. Each unit of blood is tested for blood type and evidence of infection, including HIV (AIDS virus), hepatitis B and C. As long as the donor and patient's blood types are compatible, and the unit has passed all the screening tests, the blood will be reserved for the intended recipient. Directed donations should be made at least 4 days before transfusion so that all testing can be completed before the blood is needed. Directed Donors should plan to donate one to two weeks before the transfusion date.

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