The MRI technology at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center has new applications, improved productivity and amazing image quality. The Signa EXCITE 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system from General Electric is an medical imaging technology first: every component in the MRI imaging procedure has been integrated together in a machine that provides unprecedented scanning speed and resolution.

Additionally, the Signa EXCITE is an open-style MRI, making procedures more comfortable for claustrophobic patients. Only EXCITE offers:

  • Superior image quality, with new 8-channel coils for neurovascular, spine, body and cardiac imaging
  • Enhanced diagnostic options for stroke evaluation, peripheral vascular imaging, breast cancer staging and other applications
  • Between 25% and 75% improvement in contrast-to-noise ratio, allowing physicians and technicians to clearly focus on diagnosis and treatment
  • Dramatically reduced sensitivity to patient motion
  • Reduced sensitivity to "magnetic susceptibility artifacts" or items such as metal or even some make-up which can distort the MRI image
  • Breast MRI studies

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