CT Scans

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center is currently using the Tobshiba AquilionTM 64 CFX for CT diagnostic imaging. With remarkable clarity and accuracy of the Toshiba AquilionTM 64 CFX CT Scanner is capable of data acquisition at a rate four times the speed of 16-channel scanners. It produces images that are so clear they can detect disease in even the smallest vessels and tissues, including those in rapidly moving organs such as the heart and lungs. Images with this level of clarity make it possible to provide more accurate diagnosis and to provide better treatments and outcomes.

The AquilionTM 64 CFX CT Scanner is also more convenient and comfortable for patients, since patients do not need to hold their breath as long as is necessary in lower speed CT Scanners. Faster scanning speeds mean that patients spend less time inside the scanner - a great benefit to those who suffer from claustrophobia. The AquilionTM 64 CFX joins two other highspeed CT scanners available at both Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and the Providence Saint Joseph Diagnostic Center.

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