Cancer Rehabilitation


The Providence Rehabilitation Institute at Providence Saint Joseph provides a full spectrum of rehabilitative care through our inpatient and outpatient centers. The center offers a comprehensive range of therapy services including physical therapy to help patients regain physical skills after illness or injury, and occupational therapy to help patients regain skills necessary for living and working.

Using the latest rehabilitation technology, our interdisciplinary teams customize a rehabilitation program designed to help each patient achieve his or her highest level of functioning and enjoy a meaningful life.

Rehabilitation can help patients get back to work, rejoin their communities and live life to their best abilities. Frequently, rehabilitation is part of a medical regimen following an accident resulting in a broken bone, trauma caused by a brain or spinal cord injury, a workplace problem such as a repetitive hand injury, surgery as a result of breast cancer or heart disease, or chronic illnesses such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

As part of our Art of Healing philosophy, we treat each patient as a whole person, individualizing the program to meet physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. Throughout the process, we keep an open line of communication with family members, caregivers, physicians, employers and insurance companies.

Our rehabilitation teams are committed to restoring function to patients with impairments that limit their mobility, overall strength, cardiac function, balance, safety, endurance, independence, and cognition. Each medical centers' multidisciplinary team is made up of licensed, professional physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists, providing personalized inpatient and outpatient services seven days a week.

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