Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy

The Oncology Rehabilitation Program at the Disney Family Cancer Center assists cancer patients who are experiencing the side effects or late effects of their cancer or related treatment. These effects are often times a difficult and unavoidable part of cancer treatment and survivorship.

The specially trained team of rehabilitation professionals at the Disney Family Cancer Center help patients deal with the physical impacts their cancer treatment may have caused. Our comprehensive program includes a wide range of therapy services and specialized techniques. With a physician referral, our physical and occupational therapists thoroughly evaluate each patient to determine each individual's particular therapy needs.

Customized Rehabilitation Treatment Plan Following Evaluation

"A patient may come in with one complaint, such as lack of balance, but we will evaluate every system, the entire patient," explains Julianne Courtenay, Manager Physical and Occupational Therapy, Oncology Rehabilitation, the Disney Family Cancer Center. "Cancer treatments can have side affects on many parts of the body, so we want to complete a thorough evaluation before developing a treatment plan."

The therapists, in conjunction with the physician, develop a customized treatment plan specifically for each patient once the evaluation is completed. "This is a growing field in medicine, and that's because we have so many more cancer survivors today. In years past, the focus was solely on survival, now that more people are surviving, the focus is shifting to restoring and maintaining a quality of life," Courtenay adds.

Therapists Specialize in Treatments for Cancer Patients

Our therapists' advanced training enables them to evaluate and treat the following side effects/symptoms:

Studies show that physical therapy is an effective, non-medication treatment for cancer and cancer treatment side effects. Aerobic exercise in particular is found to be very beneficial in treating Cancer-Related Fatigue. Exercise is the key to restoring patients to their prior functional abilities.

The goal of therapy is different for each patient and specific to their functional needs and ongoing quality of life goals. Our therapists work with each patient to create goals that are individualized.

Referral to the Oncology Rehabilitation Program

Oncology Rehabilitation services are provided to patients with a prescription from their physician. It is important for the patient's physician to know and understand the side effects or symptoms the patient might be experiencing in order to provide the best treatment possible. Patients and their families should be sure to communicate with the doctor and the medical team. The Oncology Rehabilitation Program works with most insurance companies to coordinate therapy services.

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