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Pain Management for Cancer Patients

In addition to the concerns that come with having been diagnosed with cancer, many people also have anxiety about the pain associated with cancer. Pain can be a common problem for cancer patients. Pain may be caused by the cancer itself, from diagnostic tests, or from cancer treatments. The medical and technical teams at The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center feel that it's important to take patients' pain seriously and has experts in pain management that can help alleviate and control pain.

It has only been in the last ten to 15 years that pain management has been recognized as an important facet of treatment. Today, medical professionals recognize that pain negatively affects many parts of life, from routine daily tasks such as eating and sleeping, to being able to enjoy family, friends and activities. More importantly, pain can hinder the healing process itself.

Reginald Ajakwe, MD, and Raymond Tatevossian, MD, are board-certified anesthesiologists with fellowship training in Pain Management practice at the Disney Family Cancer Center. Together with the Integrative Medicine Center, they offer numerous programs to help cancer patients manage their pain.

Pain Management Empowers Patients in Cancer Treatment

Emerging technology and better understanding of pain mechanisms have provided doctors with improved ability to manage pain. Suffering from pain is an individual experience, which requires a team approach for the most successful of outcomes. At the Disney Family Cancer Center, physicians like Dr. Tatevossian and Dr. Ajakwe, work closely with multiple disciplines in treating the mind, body, and spirit of each patient. In treating the whole person, Dr. Ajakwe adds, "acknowledging a patient's pain and helping manage it is the first step in empowering the patient through recovery."

"We see all types of patients here (Disney) and get them involved in a comprehensive multidisciplinary program focused on improving quality of life," Dr. Tatevossian says. "These may include physical therapy, psychological therapy, acupuncture and eastern therapies such as Qi Gong. Pain management is not just a medication or an injection. We act as the patients' quarterback. We get them involved in our pain rehabilitation programs, and we see progress all the time."

In addition to cancer pain, Dr. Tatevossian and Dr. Ajakwe treat a range of other pain conditions in a wide variety of medical disciplines including orthopedics and neurology.

For more information about pain management at the Disney Family Cancer Center, please call 818-748-4760.

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