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Fourteen years ago, just eight months after a “clear” mammogram, Nancy Guillen felt a lump in her breast. Complicating things, she had breast implant surgery just four months before. To her shock, a biopsy found the lump was cancer. The long-time Burbank resident had worked for local physicians specializing in gynecology, obstetrics, pulmonary and orthopedic care and knew of Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center’s (PSJMC) reputation for patient care.

After her initial diagnosis at another local hospital, further testing at PSJMC showed some lymph node involvement and her cancer was determined to be Stage 2. Her initial treating physicians included Dr. Raul Mena, the Medical Director of the Roy & Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center, and Dr. Rex Hoffman, Radiation Oncology Medical Director.

Nancy completed 33 rounds of radiation and was free of cancer. Three years ago, plastic surgeon Dr. Susan Downey replaced Nancy’s implants to correct ongoing issues from her earlier treatment. More recently, Dr. Ora Gordon, Medical Director of Genetics and Integrative Medicine completed genetic testing for Nancy to explore possible cancer risks. As a result, Nancy selected Dr. Richard Friedman to perform a complete hysterectomy. Nancy, an insurance executive, reports she feels great and is blessed every day, and that she is filled with gratitude for her life.

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