Infusion Center

Infusion Center Offers Peaceful Healing Space


The Infusion Center at the Disney Family Cancer Center offers a soothing environment and convenient process for chemotherapy treatments. Located on the third floor of the Disney Family Cancer Center, the Infusion Center is flooded with natural light from its many windows. In this calm space, up to eight patients can be treated at a time. In addition to infusion therapy, the Center can administer single injection treatments, such as iron shots and medications to boost blood counts. The Center also treats individuals with autoimmune and other diseases that may be treated with chemotherapy, such as Crohn's Disease.

"At the Disney Family Cancer Center, we try to encompass the art of healing into everything we do," says Sandy Burrows, RN, Clinical Director. "When designing our Infusion Center, we wanted to create a place free of chaos. You check-in directly with us, which takes only minutes. Plus, when you walk in here, it's so peaceful and relaxing. That's how it should be when you are being treated for cancer."

Infusion Center Focuses on Patient Comfort and Healing

At the Disney Family Cancer Center, we have created an infusion center environment designed to make the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Our recliners were carefully chosen with comfort in mind. Family members can accompany patients during treatment. Privacy screens are available for those times when a patient is not feeling social. Portable DVD players and a selection of movies offer a welcome distraction. Additionally, patients often bring a book or their own portable music player.

"We also have a group of volunteers who just dote on our patients," Burrows adds. "They are happy to refill your coffee, get you a blanket or offer a hand to hold. It's really such a nice atmosphere. You may feel out of control when you are diagnosed with cancer. Our Infusion Center lets you take a breath, relax and helps you put things back in perspective."

The Infusion Center at the Disney Family Cancer Center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 818-748-4730.

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