Cancer Clinical Trials

The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center has developed a research network that includes the three San Fernando Valley Providence Hospitals (Providence Saint Joseph's, Providence Holy Cross, and Providence Tarzana) and the medical oncologists and hematologists who serve those institutions.

These centers have assembled a team of research nurses, data managers and other critical personnel who have made it possible for physicians in their offices to enroll patients on clinical trials in an efficient and timely manner. One of the major obstacles preventing patients from entering clinical trials is the lack of support services, which then places the brunt of the paperwork and other research requirements on physicians.

Our goal is to improve on the national rate of 3 percent of cancer patients ever participating in a clinical trial. Clinical trials are the basis of all progress in cancer therapy and no new treatment can be developed without the completion of appropriate trials that attest to the efficacy and safety of the new therapeutic agent or procedure. Patients should be assured that involvement in a clinical trial does not compromise their care but rather enhances it by making promising new treatments available to them. In addition, the extra care that patients on trials receive from the research team assures that their care will be of the highest quality.

About Our Clinical Trials

The National Cancer Institute sponsors some of the larger trials whereas the majority of studies are sponsored by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The Cancer Center has access to some of the latest high-quality, advanced clinical trials due to collaborations with leading research institutes, both public and private.

Medical Research - Making Great Strides

It is important to emphasize that medical research is now at the point where great strides are being made in deciphering the mysteries that underlie cancer. In the past year alone, several promising new treatments have been developed for difficult diseases to treat such as melanoma, lung cancer and basal cell carcinomas to name a few. Additionally, researchers are mapping the entire genome of several cancers and the prediction is that this arduous process will become routine in just a few years opening the way for truly personalized medicine.

If you or a loved one is interested in participating in a clinical trial, please call us at 818-748-4777 for more information.

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