Social Work

The Cancer Program social worker helps patients and family members address the impact that cancer might have on their emotional, social and financial well-being. The social worker is a vital part of the treatment team and will meet with patients and/or family members to understand how patients are doing and what might help address issues that are of concern.

In addition to working with patients, the social worker offers support and assistance to family members and significant others. The social worker knows key community resources which can help patients and families access needed services.

Some examples of services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Support and counseling regarding impact of cancer diagnosis
  • Assistance addressing internal conflicts regarding illness and/or long term planning
  • Active listening as patients and their families consider treatment options available in relation to work, family and other life aspects
  • Assistance in understanding insurance and financial benefits
  • Provision of concrete information regarding community resources and support groups
  • Education for patients and family members about how to take control of medical decisions and plan for the future through documentation such as Advance Directives
  • Facilitating communication between members of the treatment team, and ensuring that patients and their families are engaged as full partners in the patient's care
  • Sharing information about living with cancer, issues commonly experienced, and resources to help
  • Addressing issues that patients and their families experience living as a cancer survivor

To contact the clinical social worker, call Lorelei Bonet, MSW at 818-847-4793.

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