Lifesaving Emergency Care at Providence Saint Joseph

March 15, 2014

Bill Abbey hadn’t been feeling well for several days. He was suffering from increasingly severe abdominal pain and figured it was a symptom of the flu.

After becoming violently ill one night, Bill and his wife, Lynne, decided it was time to visit the Emergency Room. As long-time local residents, they chose to go to the place where they have always turned in emergencies – Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

After running a number of tests, physicians discovered an advanced infection in Bill’s abdomen caused by diverticulitis. Physicians acted quickly and rushed him into surgery.

“The doctors told me if I had waited one more day, I would have been in serious trouble. The infection could have killed me.”

While the lifesaving procedure was a success, Bill faced a lengthy and difficult recovery. After he was released from the medical center, nurses from Providence Home Health visited him on a daily basis for several months.

From the moment Bill was admitted, through his healing process, even during scares and setbacks, the Providence Saint Joseph physicians and nurses responsible for his care provided exceptional service, communication, and comfort.

They worked closely and efficiently as a team to give Bill the unique support and attention he needed. All the while, each of his dedicated caregivers made it a priority to listen to him, spend time with him, and even offer a warm smile, which made a big difference for Bill during such a vulnerable time in his life.

This has not been the only time Providence Saint Joseph has had an impact on the Abbey family. It is where Bill received a pacemaker and was recently treated for a heart attack. It is where Lynne was born, and also where she welcomed their two daughters.

“Saint Joe’s is our hospital,” says Lynne.

Saint Joseph staff also provided much needed support for Lynne, who worked hard to keep her husband healthy and safe during his recovery. They taught her proper wound care, and were always very responsive and compassionate when she had questions – day or night.

“Each caregiver we worked with was very comforting and reassuring, and that made a big difference for both of us.”

Today, Bill, a retired attorney, has completely recovered and is back to refereeing high school soccer matches and keeping up with his active lifestyle.

Providence Saint Joseph is proud to provide excellent care that makes a life changing difference for so many families like the Abbeys. Just as we were here for Bill and Lynne, we are honored to have top quality medical resources and world class physicians available for you, your loved ones, and your neighbors when you need us most.