Inpatient Diabetes Program receives Advanced Diabetes Certification from The Joint Commission.

April 11, 2014

To earn this recognition from one of the leading certification and accreditation organizations, Providence Saint Joseph had to meet more than 200 standards, demonstrating the level of care it provides. Providence Saint Joseph is the first hospital in Los Angeles—and one of only three in California—to meet these rigorous standards.

“The standards include best practices for inpatient diabetes care as well as education, because many people with diabetes don’t receive any education at all,” says Lisa Blomley, R.N., CDE, a diabetes education nurse.

Patients are educated in the basics of selfcare, including nutrition, exercise, medication and blood glucose monitoring. Once they’re released from the hospital, an outpatient program is available to continue or reinforce their education. Nurses on staff are trained in the curriculum, which provides printed materials in English, Spanish and Armenian.

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects a wide range of people throughout the country, with potentially devastating effects. Fortunately with the proper management of diabetes, patients can lead normal lives.

At Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, we have developed a comprehensive Diabetes Health Program that educates and treats patients who seek our help. Our caring, experienced staff of Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE’s) will help you learn to control your diabetes by eating healthfully, exercising and taking your medicines the right way. We provide this education and support through our Outpatient Services and, if you ever need to be in the hospital, through our Inpatient Services.