Cancer treatment comes with many side effect and one of them is lymphedema

March 31, 2014

Lymphedema is the result of surgery and/or radiation therapy and causes severe swelling, typically in the arms, legs, or head and neck.

Luckily, lymphedema rehabilitation, which can relieve the swelling and help prevent future flare-ups, is available at Providence. The process includes manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapies, exercises and education.

The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center provides the same services, and uses advanced technology to give therapists a more objective measurement of lymph volume. A machine called a perometer uses infrared light sensors that can measure for swelling changes as early as possible.

"We're trying to change the model of care," says Cheryl Pranskevich, P.T., CLT, supervisor of oncology rehab at the center. "The perometer gives us another tool to make people's lives better."