Life-Changing Treatment

April 01, 2012

Wondering just how much deep brain stimulation (DBS) can improve someone’s life? Just ask Joe Valero, who had struggled with the challenges of Parkinson’s disease for more than five years before trying DBS.

Although DBS doesn’t cure Parkinson’s, it can help manage some of its symptoms, especially tremors. Valero chose the Movement Disorders Center at the Hycy and Howard Hill Neuroscience Institute at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center for his treatment after having tried medication therapy.

For Valero, the positive effects of DBS were almost instantaneous. Within moments, Valero’s arm went from shaking uncontrollably to becoming perfectly still.

Unable to write, hold a cellphone or type on a keyboard because of his shaking, Joe was concerned about losing his management job. Now, with the tremors completely under control, Joe is considering running for Mayor. “This is a miracle,” Valero says. “I have my life back.”