Patient Testimonials

Jo-Ann Lautman
Lung cancer patient of Robert J. McKenna Jr., M.D.

Years ago, Jo-Ann was diagnosed with lung cancer and recovered beautifully after surgery. She continues to thrive, with help from the compassionate team at Providence Saint John’s, supporting the nonprofit she founded called Our House.

Linda Salvati
Lung cancer patient of Robert J. McKenna Jr., M.D.


What would you do if both of your parents died of lung cancer and your own CT scan showed an abnormality in your right lung?

Linda Salvati saw her mother, then her father die of lung cancer.

She was 51 when her doctor ordered a CT scan at her request. It showed “something” in her right lung. She consulted several Los Angeles-area specialists, none of whom seemed to know if the spot was cancerous. Then her doctor referred her to Robert J. McKenna, M.D.

“Dr. McKenna spent a long time with me looking at the tumor on the light box, and he diagnosed it exactly from the scan when the other doctors didn’t know what it was. So I scheduled the VATS,” or video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, Salvati said.

“I saw the pain my mother went through from open surgery. I had a bigger lobe removed than she did, yet I was talking and laughing afterward and came home from the hospital in just three days.”

Ms. Salvati’s surgery was a success. Her cancer was detected early and was removed in the minimally invasive surgical procedure performed by Dr. McKenna. Her case demonstrates the importance of screening and early detection.

Providence Saint John’s experienced, multidisciplinary thoracic surgery team is working to create more success stories like Ms. Salvati’s.