Thoracic Surgery at Saint John’s

When you need to know you’re getting the right care

At Providence Saint John’s, you’ll receive care from a thoracic team that is committed to taking the best possible care of you. You’ll receive personal attention from your surgeon and your skilled and compassionate team of nurses and assistants. You will be cared for by a medical team whose members have performed thousands of successful surgeries.

Why choose Providence Saint John’s?

When you face important choices about your health, you need the best possible guidance. At Saint John’s, you’ll meet with an experienced team led by Robert McKenna, Jr., M.D. You’ll receive our most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment plan – all with the goal of providing you the fullest possible recovery.


Meet Robert McKenna, Jr., M.D. Learn about his experience as a surgical pioneer, author and investigator.
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You’ll get an evaluation and treatment tailored to you.

A wide arrange of conditions are treated with thoracic surgery. Your team will discuss with you whether a thoracic procedure is the best way to address a variety of disorders involving the lungs, chest wall, esophagus, palms, mediastinum and diaphragm. Specifically, these include: 

  • Lung
    • Cancer
    • Nodules
    • Empyema (Infections of the lungs and pleural space)
    • Emphysema
    • Obstructions of the airway
    • Mesothelioma/Asbestosis
    • Trouble breathing
  • Chest wall
    • Tumors/Infections of the chest wall
  • Superior thoracic outlet
    • Obstruction
  • Diaphragm
    • Paralyzed diaphragm
    • Diaphragm pacing

You’ll have access to effective, minimally invasive techniques

Your diagnosis will guide us to consult with you about the most appropriate procedure for you. Dr. McKenna is a pioneer in the use of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, or VATS, which requires smaller incisions and less-traumatic techniques than traditional thoracic surgeries.

If you have thoracic surgery at Saint John’s, your team will use techniques that have shown the most effectiveness, lowest risks of infection, the least pain and the fastest recovery time.

Care for mind, body and spirit

At Providence Saint John’s, you’ll receive exceptional care in a calm, tranquil environment designed with healing in mind. Your care will encompass the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. You’ll find the support you need with rehabilitation, social services, equipment, home health and, if necessary, financial assistance.

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