Primary Care

If you knew you would only have one car in your lifetime, what would you do differently?

Regular servicing and oil changes would likely be on the list, as would finding a trusted mechanic.

You only have one body and could live to be 100.  Just like your car, finding a trusted primary care physician is important.  Someone to provide annual check-ups to keep you on a wellness journey, but also to be there when you are sick and need treatment. 

It’s important to build a relationship with a primary care provider so in the event you do need a higher level of care, the specialist can quickly be given your medical history so there are no delays in getting the treatment you need. 

Saint John’s physicians have been servicing the community for years and are the trusted source for pediatric and adult primary care. 

To see a list of our doctors and to read more about them, click on a link below.

We look forward to being your partner in care. 

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